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My Fit, My Way.

 “Go for it”

-Delaney, The Styled Seed Blog 

  • Brunch in Joyrich Bali


 “Seriously, these jeans are so freaking comfortable, and they’re not gonna be hard on your wallet either! Jeans are my comfort zone.”

-Kristin Davis, Wild One Forever Blog

  • Gisele Threshold // High-Waisted Comfort Skinny


“Dear John Denim is a company committed to stellar fits, ultra comfort, and denim made from fabrics that are soft with just enough stretch. They could not have nailed it more.”

-Courtney Steeves, With Love & Light Blog

  • Gisele Threshold // featured in Minnesota Adventures by Courtney Steeves from "With Love & Light"


“Denim is such a staple for me. While most people might be lounging around the house in sweats, many times, I go for denim instead”

-Tonya, Moptop Blog

  • Hybrid Skinny Bootcut // Blue Divine -Tonya, Moptop Blog